St George Weather

St. George, Utah, is known to be sunny and warm. There are super hot summers and very mild winters which makes it a very desirable place to relocate to. This makes for a wonderful place of adventure and outdoor activities. St. George is a famous destination and vacation spot, especially in the winter. The winter activities include hiking, camping, picnicking, and water based activities. The altitude is above sea level which is why the summers are hot, clear, and dry The climate is known as a local steppe climate which has very little rainfall.

The city averages only 10 inches of rain a year when the U.S. average is 38 inches. If you are worried about snow, it only averages 2 inches of snow per year, while the U.S. average is 28 inches a year. When it comes to sunny days, St. George is above average with 255 sunny days a year! The summer high is around 101 degrees and the winter low is about 29 degrees. It is said that April, May, and October are the most pleasant months weather wise and July and August are uncomfortable due to the heat.

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Recently sunny St. George has experienced a hard freeze warning for southwest Utah. The main concern with this warning is regarding crops and sensitive vegetation or any outdoor plumbing. This warning is sent out so that you can prepare for the hard freeze before it becomes an issue. This is rare for this area so as you are researching, don't be too alarmed when you see this current weather news. Along with this recent hard freeze warning, there was an excessive heat warning this past summer. The heat warning was for most of the pacific northwest, not just the St. George Utah area. The averages above are the most important thing to consider when looking at the weather because they are based upon longevity and consistent trends.

One of the most important things to note about the weather in St. George is its effect on air quality. The air quality in St. George is averaged as good quality. This area is known for its air quality compared to larger big cities and more urban areas. Again, be careful as you look at recent weather because the heat wave brought some moderate air quality, which is lower than the usual rating for this area

You have to understand that it was an unusual weather occurrence for this city. For anyone that doesn’t like humidity, St. George should be your top choice for relocation. The dry heat is much easier to manage than the humidity. The weather combined with the luxury of outdoor activities at your fingertips makes for a wonderful place any adventurer or retiree would want to live in.

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