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Desert Color

The upcoming project in Desert Color St. George is exclusive and determined that includes over 10,000 single-family homes and townhouses that will be for sale. The project will be a 3,350-acre project situated on the estate of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration which is on the east of Southern Parkway's Interstate 15. Desert Color provides a chance for people living there, guests and companies to encounter a life linked to the outside while enabling local people to interact with each other. There are Parks, natural wash corridors, and mountain views further than connecting to the primary property-use areas inside Desert Color.

Every year a projected 15 million cars drive past Desert Color. For millions of tourists using the I-15 corridor, Desert Color is the gateway to Utah. This place offers both the first and last feeling to the people entering or leaving Utah.

The mixed-use business area of Desert Color will be the public's central hub and focus of the operation. Its 103-acre layout will also include mixed vertical use and mixed horizontal use (distributors, offices, and distinct plot dwellings).

The project offers a range of options for every prospective resident, including neighborhoods, design, and kinds of housing, featuring contemporary and smart home systems.

Desert Color Lifestyle

This project, will be one of the most significant master-planned projects ever in Utah. This project will be split into four major land-use areas: business mixed-use zone, leisure, hotels, and housing. Desert Color will showcase almost 210 acres of advanced parks and paths across the society as part of the scheme. Trail facilities, parks, and conservation areas can allow inhabitants, tourists, and activity seekers with possibilities to experience a more significant link to the society and the land. It also consists of a 103-acre business area with office space, entertainment, leisure, medical services, colleges, cultural events, and a hotel center with glass lagoons. One thousand one hundred spaces will be a combination of hotel, resort and holiday apartments, a leisure zone with gardens, paths, and events.

Desert Color Homes For Sale

Desert Color is already under fun development and you can buy your home in this new community right now. There are currently 3 approved builders for this community with more coming on board.

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