Red Hills Parkway Trail
Red sandstone rocks are breathtaking along the Red Hills Parkway Trail in St. George, Utah. Views of sandstone formations, red cliffs and the valley below make this a must-see scenic route.

Who: Everyone! This full length of this trail is best suited to people who can walk, jog, bike or skate three miles with a steep incline or decline (depending on where you start).
What: Red Hills Parkway Trail, St. George, Utah
Where: Trail runs three miles west to east from the junction of Red Hills Parkway. It ends at about Red Hills Parkway and 900 East.
When: Early Spring and Late Fall are the best times of year to go here, but many winter days accommodate outdoor activities. Use caution on hot summer days and try to only exercise in the early morning or late evening hours.

Scenic Views Guaranteed on Red Hills Parkway Trail

Just once in your life, you should watch a sunrise from St. George, Utah’s Red Hills Parkway Trail. Not a morning person? Maybe the sunset is more your time to shine. This super scenic trail is jaw-dropping any time of the day.

The Southern Utah trail is easy to moderate with a series of potentially strenuous ups and downs. If you like to give your soul a good workout when you move your body, this really is the place.

The City Parks Division maintains miles of trails throughout St. George. Some are paved, others are dirt or gravel, but all of them are built to address the needs of multiple users. Combined with neighboring communities like Santa Clara, Washington and Hurricane there are more than 50 miles of improved trails.

There's a reason it's called "Red Hills"

The delightful Red Hills Parkway Trail is on the southern border of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. It runs high above the city’s north side and the views are spectacular. It’s almost surreal to be surrounded by Nature’s red sandstone formations, brilliant red sand, native desert plants and the sprawling city below. The area’s unique colored dirt is tinted by natural trace minerals. The red coloring is primarily due to oxidized iron.

The trailhead is at the junction of Red Hills Parkway and State Route 18. That’s the west side. It begins with a pretty steep incline and then flattens out above the city. It’s three miles from the beginning of the trail to the end at about 900 East. The first 1-1/2 miles inclines around 175 feet. It gets easier from there as it declines about 230 feet to the trail’s east end.

Dixie Rock St. George Utah
The iconic “Dixie Rock” overlooks St. George, Utah’s Red Hills Parkway Trail. This trail covers some amazing real estate with views that will take your breath away.

St. George's Pioneer Park is adjacent to the east portion of the trail. It’s an extremely popular system of trails among Nature’s own sandstone carvings. It is also possible to drive directly to the park where there is off-road parking. Many visit the area to conquer a climb to the top of the flat-topped “Dixie Rock.” 

Some visitors climb to the top of the city’s water tank (yes, it’s legal and approved). The city view is just thrilling from there. Take a moment to learn about water conservation while you’re ogling the city below.