Gun Lock Falls

In this informative blog post, we'll explore 23 fantastic activities and 5 delicious dining options in and around the beautiful city of St. George, Utah. From stunning natural wonders to historical sites and outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone in this vibrant southern Utah destination.

Gunlock Falls

Gun Lock Falls

Located just outside of St. George, Gunlock Falls presents a breathtaking natural spectacle, particularly when the dam overflows. This rare event turns the area into a must-see destination for nature lovers.

Checking Before You Go

Gun Lock Falls

Since the falls' appearance depends on water release from the dam, it's wise to verify conditions before your visit. When flowing, the falls create a stunning oasis in the desert landscape.

The History

The falls and the surrounding state park are named after Gun Lock Bill, a renowned hunter from the region's early days. This adds a historical layer to your visit, blending natural beauty with tales of the past.

Veyo Pies

Veyo Pies

On your journey to or from Gunlock, stopping by Veyo Pies is a delicious detour. This renowned bakery is celebrated for its variety of scrumptious pies, a perfect treat in the heart of Utah.

Famous For Pies

Veyo Pies

Whether you're a fan of cream pies or other sweet delights, Veyo Pies offers a delectable selection. It's not just about the pies; they also serve hearty meals, making it a great stop for food enthusiasts.

Aspiration Trail

Aspiration Trails

The Aspiration Trail offers more than just a hike; it's an inspirational journey marked by messages and art on rocks along the path. This unique trail encourages visitors to leave their own creative mark.

Inspirational Messages

Aspiration Trails Painted Rocks

As you walk, you'll discover rocks painted with uplifting messages. This community-driven art project enhances the trail's scenic views with a personal touch, inviting hikers to contribute their own inspirational rocks.

ATV Riding

ATV riding

For adrenaline seekers, ATV riding in Southern Utah's diverse landscapes offers an unforgettable adventure. From sand dunes to desert valleys, the area is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Exploring Warner Valley

Warner Valley

Renting from local adventure centers allows you to explore places like Warner Valley, known for its dinosaur tracks and unique geological formations. It's an exciting way to experience Utah's rugged beauty.

Bear Paw Cafe

Bear Paw Cafe

Located in St. George's quaint art district, Bear Paw Cafe is a breakfast haven with a reputation for its stuffed French toast and chocolate chip pancakes. It's a must-visit for breakfast lovers.

Long Waits Worth the Reward

Bear Paw Cafe

Despite potential wait times, the cafe's cozy atmosphere and mouth-watering menu make it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Their famous dishes are a delightful start to any day.

Candy Cliffs

The Candy Cliffs of Yant Flat offer a surreal landscape that rivals national monuments. This lesser-known gem provides hikers with a colorful array of red rock formations, reminiscent of a desert candy land.

Off the Beaten Path

Its relative obscurity makes Candy Cliffs an ideal destination for those seeking solitude and unspoiled natural beauty. The hike to these cliffs rewards adventurers with breathtaking views and unique photo opportunities.

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon State Park is a marvel of nature, featuring a blend of red, white, and black volcanic rocks. Its diverse landscape offers endless outdoor activities, from hiking to exploring ancient lava tubes.

A Park Named After Pioneers

Snow Canyon

Contrary to what its name might suggest, Snow Canyon is named after early pioneers, not the winter precipitation it rarely receives. This state park is a testament to the natural beauty and history of Utah.

Brigham Young Winter Home

Brigham Young

The Brigham Young Winter Home provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of America's most significant religious leaders. This historical site in St. George offers insights into Brigham Young's contributions and lifestyle in Utah.

A Glimpse into the Past

Brigham Young

Visitors can learn about Brigham Young's influence on the region and the Latter-day Saints community. The winter home stands as a monument to his legacy and the pioneering spirit of the early settlers in Utah.

Tuacahn Ampitheater


The Tuacahn Amphitheater is a stunning outdoor theater nestled amongst red rock walls, offering a unique setting for watching plays under the stars.

Famous Productions


This amphitheater has earned a reputation for its high-quality, Broadway-level productions, including Disney classics and the highly acclaimed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Kolob Canyons

Kolob Canyons

Kolob Canyons, a lesser-known section of Zion National Park, provides a serene and less crowded experience with its breathtaking slot canyons.

Exploring the Canyons

Kolob Canyons

With only one road through it, this area offers a peaceful drive and several hikes to explore the towering canyon walls, making it an underrated gem within the national park system.

Fossil Falls

Fossil Falls

Fossil Falls is a quirky and relaxing spot along the Virgin River, perfect for those looking to enjoy the water in a laid-back setting.

Activities at Fossil Falls

Fossil Falls River

Visitors can enjoy floating on tubes, longboard surfing, or simply wading in the river, making it a popular gathering place for families and friends.

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Dinner

Black Bear Diner is known for its hearty breakfasts and homey atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Breakfast Favorites

Black Bear Dinner

With options like bear claw french toast and a variety of pancakes, it's a must-visit for breakfast enthusiasts looking for a fulfilling start to their day.

Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs Reserve

The Red Cliffs National Conservation Area offers accessible, stunning hikes and the chance to see dinosaur tracks amidst gorgeous canyon scenery.

Adventurous Hiking

Red Cliffs Reserve

One notable hike requires climbing with the aid of ropes alongside a river, providing an exhilarating experience for adventurers.

Red Cliffs Reserve

St. George Tabernacle

Red Cliffs Reserve

The St. George Tabernacle stands as a historical monument, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication of early pioneers.

Visiting the Tabernacle

Currently restored, it hosts speeches and concerts, with free tours available, offering a glimpse into the area's rich pioneer heritage.

Pioneer Park

Pinoeer Park

Pioneer Park is a city overlook known for its unique rock formations and narrow passages that offer fun exploration and stunning views of St. George.

The Dixie Rock

Dixie Rock

The park's highlight, Dixie Rock, also known as the Sugar Loaf, provides panoramic views of the city, making it a popular spot for sunset viewings.

Cedar Breaks

Cedar Breaks

Cedar Breaks National Monument, often referred to as "Bryce Canyon Junior," features vibrant colors and intricate hoodoos, presenting a quieter alternative to its more famous counterparts.

A Colorful Alternative

Cedar Breaks

With deeper reds and brighter whites, Cedar Breaks offers a picturesque setting that rivals even Bryce Canyon in beauty, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers.

Viva Chicken

Viva Chicken

Viva Chicken offers a delightful twist to dining with its focus on Peruvian chicken, a savory option for those seeking an alternative to the usual American fare.

A Flavorful Selection

Viva Chicken

The menu features a mouth-watering array of dishes including beans, rice, chicken, and fries. The variety of hot sauces available allows diners to customize their meals to their liking.


Fizz Drinks

Fiiz is a local favorite that caters to Utah's unique beverage culture with its innovative mixed soda drinks, a perfect companion to sweet treats like sugar cookies or pretzels.

A Non-Alcoholic Delight

As someone who abstains from alcohol, I find the sugary soda concoctions at Fiiz to be a delightful vice. It's a trend that's taken Utah by storm, and for good reason.

Jacob Hamblin Home

Jacob Hamblin

The Jacob Hamblin Home stands as a testament to the rugged and respected early missionary, Jacob Hamblin, whose life story is as fascinating as the beautiful landscape of the Southwest.

A Glimpse into Pioneer Life

Jacob Hamblin Home Garden

Visitors can explore the small cotton farm on the premises, offering a hands-on experience with cotton, a crop once grown by pioneers in the area. It's an educational and fun stop for families.

St. George Temple

St George Temple

The St. George Temple, with its striking white architecture, is a significant landmark in Utah, being the first temple completed in the state.

Exploring the Grounds

St George Temple Ground

While entry into the temple is restricted to members of the church, the visitor center and the surrounding grounds offer engaging activities for families, making it a worthwhile visit.

Temple Quarry Hike

Tmeple Query Hike

For those interested in the history of the St. George Temple, the Temple Quarry Hike provides a scenic and educational outdoor experience.

A Peaceful Trek

This easy, flat hike takes you through the areas where pioneers sourced lava rocks for the temple's foundation, offering serene city overlooks and a lesser-known trail to explore.

Gooseberry Mesa

Goose berry Mesa

Gooseberry Mesa is a hidden gem for mountain biking enthusiasts, offering a network of trails that showcase stunning views of the surrounding desert and Zion National Park.

Mountain Biking Paradise

Goose berry Mesa

Before heading out, checking the BLM website for trail maps is a must. The journey to the mesa is an adventure in itself, recommended for those with high-clearance vehicles or through a jeep tour.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an iconic destination famed for its breathtaking landscapes, from the mesmerizing switchbacks to the adventurous hikes through slot canyons like The Narrows.

Must-See Attractions

Zion National Park

Among its many attractions, Angel's Landing and the Emerald Pools hike stand out for their stunning views and unique experiences. Despite the crowds, Zion's beauty is undeniable, making it a must-visit for any traveler to southern Utah.