Judds Store
Thomas Judd's Store Co is the oldest operating business in St. George Utah. This sweet shop filled with ice cream and confections is located at 62 W Tabernacle St, St. George UT 84770

Who: Everyone!
What: Thomas Judd's Store Co., an old-fashioned sweets shop, with ice cream and confections, souvenirs and more
Where: 62 West Tabernacle, St. George, UT 84770
When: Open 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday

Judd's Store Still Going Strong After 111 Years

The Thomas Judd Store Co. in St. George is like stepping back in time to an old-fashioned general store. Ice cream, candy, syrups, and mouth-watering confections of all kinds have attracted locals and tourists since 1911. 

Located at 62 West Tabernacle, St. George, UT 84770, Judds is the oldest ongoing business in St. George. An article published on the Washington County Historical Society website titled, “Thomas Judd’s Store St. George, UT” says, “Judd's Store was constructed and opened in 1911 in front of a home Thomas Judd purchased from Joseph Bentley in 1908.”

The store was conveniently located across the street from what was then the new Woodward School. The historic red sandstone school is well preserved and still stands there today.

“[The store] was built of the same thickness of locally manufactured adobes that had been used in the home. Thomas Judd bought out the inventory of the store maintained by the Bentleys in the Pratt-Bentley Home. At some point, it was connected to the front of the house, but that connection was later removed to restore the store to its original condition,” the Washington County Historical Society article said.

Today, no tour of the historic buildings, sculptures, monuments and manicured grounds is complete without a trip to Judd’s.

Judd’s wasn’t always a sweet shop

Today you can buy an ice cream cone to enjoy while the kids ride the carousel in Town Square Park, or a bag of sweets to take home for a souvenir, but at one time it was an important supplier of staples sold to sheep and cattlemen in its early days.

The Judd family owned the store until 1982 when another local family spared it from destruction. 

Destined to become a parking lot

In the early 1980s the city eyed the lot on which Judds was built for parking. Some wanted to condemn the building and have it removed from its valuable location. 

Dr. Mark & Barbara Green recognized the charming historic value of the property and bought it to refurbish. It became what is now known as their Green Gate Village, a series of shops, eateries and entertainment venues in the heart of historic downtown St. George. 

There seems an endless need for parking in busy cities, but Judd’s location isn’t likely to become a paved lot as there is a preservation easement in place thanks to Preservation Utah.

The Green family has refurbished the building with a nod to the past. The family is said to have spared the ceiling from another business destined for ruin, Snow’s Furniture Store. A piece of the store lives on with its beautiful ceiling proudly displayed in modern-day Judds.