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New homes are under construction in Utah’s first master-planned community that employs Localscapes principles. The community promises an active, luxury lifestyle in a mixed-use environment. Homes start in the mid-$400,000s.

A new mixed-use community is under construction in St. George. Sure, there will be some beautiful new homes; more than that, this development promises a rare luxury lifestyle with all the trappings!

Desert Color offers, “a community created and built around a vision of connectivity, community, and sustainability that maximizes all the attributes of its beautiful and natural setting,” according to the website

The 3,400 acre master-planned community is located on State Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) property east of Interstate 15 and the Southern Parkway. It claims to be Utah’s first master-planned community to adopt Localscapes standards for the whole development. 

Why use Localscapes’ Design?

First, we should define Localscapes. It is a statewide program that combines the talents of:

  • horticulturists
  • landscape designers
  • maintenance pros
  • irrigation experts
  • members of the water industry.

Utah is a unique environment with microclimates. As the state grows in population, many are concerned because the impact of that growth could cause a dangerous drain on the state’s water supply. To address the issue, a task force was created to address water use and conservation. The idea is to create landscapes with water conservation in mind. The simplest way to describe it is “Good landscape design.” Designs are based on an area’s specific climate without compromising visual appeal (and in many cases, enhancing visual appeal).

The program takes into account>

  • The central open shape of the area to be landscaped
  • open shape of the space
  • gathering areas
  • activity zones
  • paths
  • plant beds
Desert Color Road Sign
A new master-planned community is in town and it promises an environmentally-friendly atmosphere that encourages an active lifestyle.

Landscapes developed to Localscapes’s standards are said to use 66 percent less water than typical landscapes in addition to:

  • reducing maintenance
  • increasing curb appeal
  • providing better landscape functionality

The program even provides financial incentives to landscapers, developers and do-it-yourselfers! You can learn more about the program at

Desert Color strives for social responsibility

Desert Color will employ the program to create a stunning environment residents and the public can enjoy knowing conservation efforts are in play. In a word, it’s a “green” development.

The development was announced in Feb. 2020 by Mayor Jon Pike in his State of the City address. In a press release published by Desert Color the mayor was quoted as saying, “The city, developer, homebuilders and other partners share a vision of creating a thoughtful and sustainable community.”

What’s so great about Desert Color?

The mixed-use concept is gaining in popularity. The goal is to create a sustainable environment that encourages commerce, tourism and an active outdoor lifestyle.

Developers see the commercial district as the hub of this community. The hub will include offices, retailers, residences above retailers and homes on separate parcels.

Look for:

  • recreation and entertainment centers
  • community parks and trails
  • shopping and dining districts
  • hotels and resorts
  • health and wellness facilities
  • a multi-specialty health care clinic
  • access to mass transportation
  • public use facilities
  • schools
  • churches
  • libraries and more

Fore! Even golf is coming to Desert Color

If you’re a local, you have undoubtedly noticed giant nets on 150-foot black poles on I-15 on the south end of St. George (if you’re not a local, you’re missing out). This is the beginning of a “tech-driven golf driving range.” The range is developed by BigShots Golf. The range will feature 52 tee boxes on two levels. It is designed to accommodate six people per box. The building that will house the 40,000-square-foot facility will include a private event space and a restaurant. The driving range is 235 yards and 50 yards wide.

Approach life differently in Desert Color

The goal of developers is to create an environment of:

  • community
  • connectivity
  • sustainability
  • harmony with the natural environment

Desert Color in St. George will feature townhomes, single-family homes, properties for use as short-term rentals and homes in a 55+ community.

Residents here will have access to a luxury pool and a 2.5-acre resort lagoon!

Prices start at the mid-$400,000s and go up from there.

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